The Federal Viper Division is a military PvP group under the Federation's flag. We fly only Vipers (MkIII, or MkIV) and we attack only CMDRs who are pledged to the enemies of the Federation. We regularly blockade imperial home systems (mostly Cubeo), but our pilots are also in charge of protecting the territories of the Federation, or supporting the FUC's operations, because The Federal Viper Division is loyal to the Federal United Command.
Join us today, the Federation needs you!


  • Viper Mk III or Mk IV (engineered ship is very recommended).
  • Be a member of any federal power play power (Hudson, Winters)
  • Contact us in our discord server:

We only have a few rules to follow:

  • The Federal Viper Division is an elite military unit, so we won't ever retreat. Either we win, or we die with honour, so be sure to have enough credits for rebuys.
  • As a Federation-related, and civilized wing, we don’t harm any non pledged CMDRs.
  • Put the Federal Viper Divison tag to your ship name ([FVD]yourshipname)