The Federal Viper Division Blockade Loadout Guide

When preparing your Viper for blockade duties it is important to keep in mind that this is a very specific operation and requires a loadout that is tailored to the job. We will be interdicting and attempting to destroy mostly trading vessels but that will include large ships such as Type 9's and Cutters. Occasionally there will be an attempt by combat pilots to deter our blockade but it is rarely that we are openly challenged. Of course all Vipers should be engineered as fully as possible to increase their overall effectiveness.

As the small hardpoints on the Viper are largely ineffective against a well shielded ship it is advised to equip Railguns modified preferably to Long Range with Feedback Cascade to interfere with Shield Cell Banks. Another weapon that is helpful is Dumbfire Missiles modded to High Capacity with FSD Reset (or the Grom PP equivalent) to prevent ships from jumping away after interdiction. All pilots are encouraged to have an FSD Interdictor equipped, as many CMDRs will Low Wake and may be immediately re-interdicted by anyone who is in Supercruise.

Optionally please consider equipping a Frameshift Wake Scanner to enable your wing to chase any CMDR that High Wakes to an adjacent system.

All other weapons should be equipped as to your preference however, keep in mind that the ability to deal large damage quickly is more important than sustainability in this operation. We will encounter some ships that are too fast for a fully combat fit Viper to overtake, so if anyone decides to field a speed build it could be very beneficial to your respective wing.

None of these suggestions are set in stone so, feel free to be creative keeping in mind what we are up against and what we are trying to accomplish. Prior to the next operation please send your Viper loadout as well as your perceived PvP experience to FVD Leadership for wing organization. Please remember to tag your ship with [FVD] in your ship name as well.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next operation.

Arn Darkslayer,
FVD Secretary